Best Advertising Strategy For All Business Sizes

Recent studies have shown that online sales are rising despite economic slowdown and are likely to grow as the year progresses. According to Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, companies should plan their advertising strategy to gain the maximum benefits from the current trends. Webwindows suggests that companies should incorporate the best of the online and offline media to build an effective advertising strategy. Webwindows suggests that companies should build a strong online presence by advertising in the print media or in newspapers and magazines to drive traffic to their websites. The online companies should offer secure payment channels for making online purchases. Webwindows recommendations are based on prevalent trends: People look to the newspapers to make their purchasing decisions but prefer going online to make their purchases.

Webwindows recommendations are collaborated by studies conducted by Google and Deloitte. The findings clearly point to the fact that it is the print media that influences people with their purchase decisions. Newspapers are woven in the collective psyche of the people for they have been around for a long time and are a trusted and most sought out source for authentic information. It is for this reason that Webwindows has a page that appears in seven leading newspapers in the UK including The Observer, Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph. The Webwindows page, which appears as a color supplement in the weekends, has a collective readership of over five million people. What this means is that by advertising your offerings on the Webwindows page, you can target the right audience and reach the right market. According to Webwindows, the people who read these advertisements usually have access to the Internet and are hunting for great bargains. Therefore, the chances of making a sale grow manifold.The Webwindows page is specifically dedicated to placing online advertisements. So people, who browse through the Webwindows page, do it at their will. This is in stark contrast to the advertisements that appear online. According to Webwindows, these advertisements can be a source of distraction and can actually put off the consumer. This theory of Webwindows is supported by the findings of the consultancy firm Deloitte which states that there are people who are even willing to pay to do away with these advertisements because of the distractions they cause.

Based on these findings, Webwindows rightly suggests that an ideal advertising strategy, and more so during the times of recession, should be one that utilizes the power of newspapers and magazines to draw traffic to websites; the websites on the other hand, should provide adequate information about the products, easy navigation and secure transactions to ensure that the visit transforms into sales.Webwindows also recommends that online companies should place their advertisements in the right newspaper and magazine. If you advertise with Webwindows, their representatives will guide you as to which newspaper you should place your advertisements, based on factors such as demographics, location and publication type.